Open Social container implementation

carterturner, 28.08.17 15:27

Hi All,
our project should be compalint with the open social specification , the problem is that we do not have java/php container.
we are using javascript as a server side language,therefore we cannot use shindig as a gadget container.

our intention is to implement some of the shindig modules in javascript ( e.g gadget rendering module ) we also want to reuse shindig javascript files,
our assumption is if a gadget opensocial feature is not require a backend call to shindig we can use the feature javascript files as is,
if a feature require a backend call inorder to persist or get data from backend ( e.g setPref feature ) then we can also use the feature JS files but make sure
that the backend request will get to our implementation and not shindig.

are we assuming right?
how can we recognize where to plant hooks in the javascript files in order to divert the calls to our backend implementation?
Please Help.
Thanks !
I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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